Montclair Home Market Strong in 2018
Montclair Home Market Strong in 2018, What About 2019?
January 14, 2019
Montclair New Jersey Homes Moving Briskly in Early 2019
February 7, 2019
Home Sellers' Countdown Calendar

The Stanton Company Realtors’

Home Sellers’ Countdown Calendar

1 Year Before Listing

Choose a Real Estate Agent!

An agent will be your trusted partner from getting your house ready to sell through closing. Talk to us about how our extensive local experience will not only get the best price for your home, but make the process much smoother.

Donate, Divest and Dispose

Start now with things you want out of the house. That paint that would come in handy one day, but didn’t, is a prime example. Get Krud Kutter paint hardener for latex paint and place in trash. For oil paint, chemicals, auto fluids, etc., Essex County conducts a hazardous waste drop twice a year.

Donate, sell, or have family members claim clothes and furniture you won’t be taking with you. If you have good storage space for sports equipment, seasonal items and bulk kitchen stuff, highlight it, but don’t leave it cramped. Ask us about reputable estate and antique agencies.

Address Any Oil Tanks

Did you do an oil tank sweep when you moved in?  If so, you should be OK. If you know you have a decommissioned tank, it will need to be removed. Tanks that passed the decommissioning process often prove to be “leakers” when pulled.

Capture Seasonal Pictures

Do you have outdoor spaces that really shine- trees in autumn, pool or gardens that are great in spring/ summer? Take pictures when they are at their best. Be sure there are no pets, people or cars in your picture.

Keep Clean Gutters

If rain water isn’t being directed away from your foundation, then it’s trying to get in your house.

Plan a Pest Inspection

Termites are very common around here, especially in detached garages. They are easy to detect and easy to remediate.

6 Months Before Listing

Check Your Permits

Go to building department and see if you have open permits. Schedule to have them closed out. Often work was done, but no one got the town inspector in for final sign off.

Set up a Home Inspection

Some sellers elect to have a preemptive inspection on their homes which can eliminate surprises that can delay the closing process. Items you, as a homeowner, wouldn’t necessarily notice, but would affect your ability to get the best price, e.g. slow roof leak around chimney in recesses of attic, double tapped circuit breakers, reverse polarity/ ungrounded outlets, a section of asbestos pipe wrap behind a finished basement wall. We can suggest 3 options for inspectors.

Handyman Checkup and Projects

Plumbers, electricians and carpenters are busy around here, so book early for those projects you’ve been meaning to get to or discovered in your inspection. Pulling carpet & refinishing floors (provided they are in decent shape underneath) and pulling wallpaper (contemporary designs excepted as wallpaper is starting to regain popularity) & painting are always a good investment. Re-glazing tubs that are stained or an odd color is a good idea too.

3 Months Before Listing

Sellers Disclosure

Start looking at Sellers disclosure and gather age of mechanicals, roof, etc.

Get a Credit Report

Whether renting or buying at your next destination, you will need a credit report unless paying cash for a new home. There may be surprises on there with collection items or inaccuracies. Also, you can tweak your credit balances to improve your score with a few months of planning.

1 Month Before Listing

Clear Your Space

Pack up stuff you won’t use in 6 months to free up closet space.

Choose a Real Estate Attorney and Locate Important Documents

Choose a NJ attorney with real estate experience to help the transaction go smoothly and make sure your interests are protected. We can suggest 3 experienced attorneys from which to choose if you don’t already have one. Find your paperwork- survey, deed, manuals for appliances.

2 Weeks Before Listing


Discuss strategy with your agent.  Pricing, timing of opens, expectations.

Have the Windows Cleaned

Don’t underestimate the details that can make a big difference.

1 Week Before Listing

Refine Pricing

For the final time and based on the current market, work with your agent to set your asking price.

You’re Ready to List!

Reach out to me with any questions.

Best, Rich

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