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October 5, 2017
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November 13, 2017
Seller Pro Tips

Prepare Now to Sell in 2018

It may seem like there’s a lot of time between now and next year, but it has come down to only a matter of weeks. Here are a few of my Sellers Pro Tips that cover some of the essentials to start taking action on now.

1.) Start with Trusted, Professional Guidance on Pricing and the Timing Your Sale
– It is never too early to educate yourself on the market and where your home fits within it.
> Contact me to talk about about pricing and timing for your specific property.

2.) Get Good Pictures Before Winter
– Get good pictures taken now with Fall foliage, so you don’t have bleak winter pics in early Spring.
> *Stanton Company pays for and organizes all professional photography for our clients. Contact me to get this done for you quickly and easily.

3.) Clear, Clear, Clear
– Take inventory of your stuff and organize what will happen with any items that will not move with you. Start donating, selling, and disposing of items that won’t move with you.
> *Contact me for the names of some of the local organizations accepting donations.

4.) Familiarize Yourself with the Market
– Take a little time to visit some homes for sale now, so you are up to date on what comparables currently on the market look like and are selling for.
> *If you email me your address and potential price range, I can send you a few active listings that could be helpful for you to see.

5.) Plan for Tulips in Spring
– Plant bulbs now to bloom in the Spring and give your home a vibrant dash of color and beauty for when it is listed.
> *I have a list of more ideas like this one, reach out to me for more.

If you take action on those points, you will be in a significantly stronger position for selling in 2018.

Find more Seller Pro Tips here and contact me to review your specific situation and questions.

Best of luck!


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