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Richard Stanton

Richard G. Stanton
Owner & Broker

Stanton Company Realtors
25 N. Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

(917) 536-8257 | Email


  • Trustworthy, Honest, Knowledgeable

    Rich and his team are as good as they come in this area.

    Todd S.
  • Understood Our Needs

    They understood the needs and concerns of their client, gave good guidance on positioning the property in the market, and provided overall excellent service.

    Mitchell H.
  • Extremely ImpressedWe were extremely impressed with your company. Your policies and advice were profoundly ethical and practical.
     Janet T.
Complete the form below for the two most important tools to get you started;
> a multi-tiered strategy personally customized to help you close on your ideal home
> a detailed report with information on your top choice neighborhoods and schools 
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